Giving the Right Direction to Your Kid’s Education

We have brought together the team which would be the best to serve our purpose of getting the parents acquainted with the aptitude of their child. Our team consists of a IIT Mumbai Graduate who will be a part of making the science papers for the best evaluation of our students. Along with him, for Mathematics, we have a mathematics teacher who is teaching since around 10 years and has a commerce and finance background. For the Cyber paper, we have a PGDC in Computers who will be forming papers and helping the students grow in the field which is a basic requirement for the next generation. Not only the papers, but we are also focusing on understanding the students and for the same reason, we have a student in our team who can understand all the aspects of the examination from the point of view of a student and of the upcoming generation.


Our Values

Our values are steeped into the old tradition of learning and acquiring wisdom by paying close attention to our true calling. The job of the adults is not to force a child into doing what he or she does not want to do, but help him or her to realize his or her dreams according to his or her true potential and liking.


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help parents and children know where the strengths of their child lie so that the child can pursue the career he or she can excel in while living a fulfilling life, without being pressurized into a rat race. We aim to bring you the most definitive testing platform you can totally rely on.

Our vision is to enable every child achieve his or her true potential by creating an optimal combination of technology and scholarly wisdom. Once having used our platform, your child should be on a sure footing and you should be able to figure out where you need to concentrate your energies to ensure your child’s success.

  • Address: 211/G-4, Satyam, R. N. Narkar Road, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai – 400075

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