Know your child's
Inherent ability
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Helping Kids achieve excellence

Here at Viskids we believe that every child has immense talent, but the talent needs to be discovered at an earlier age through scientific testing.

We are conducting exam to find child's real interest and inclination towards the subject to ease achieve his/her goal

  • Subjects covered – Mathematics, Sciences and Computers
  • Student of any board can appear for exam.
  • Different levels and grading systems for different age groups
  • Exams on physical locations with hard copies of certificates

How It Works

Know what your child really wants to do

The purely scientific way of finding out where your child’s aptitude lies so your child becomes successful while enjoying what he or she loves to do.

Recognize your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Find out what your child is good at and where more effort is required so that you can plan his or her future studies accordingly.

Know how your child solves problems

These tests are the best way of finding out how your child applies his or her problem-solving abilities and where he or she stands in terms of competitiveness.

Access all the materials online

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Interactive reports

Drill down to the minutest details to fully leverage the results of these tests and empower your child to know his or her own capabilities.

Scalable to basic and advanced

The tests can be easily scaled according to the age and preparedness of your child. From basic to advanced level courses available.

Why take these exam?

Recognize strengths and weaknesses

Recognize strengths and weaknesses:

The reports are formulated in a way that they portray the strengths and weaknesses of a student and the parents identify parts where they can work hard for the development of the child.

Prepare for competitive exams

Prepare for competitive exams:

Preparation for this exam can help the child prepare in school exams as well as other competitive exams.

OMR Sheet accuracy

OMR Sheet accuracy:

The Answers of the students are taken on OMR sheets for maximum accuracy.

Computerized checking

Computerized checking:

The OMR sheets will be checked using a computerized system and hence avoiding any kind of human error for the same.

Mock papers with study materials

Mock papers with study materials:

We will provide you with portions and Mock test papers for practise.

CBSE level

CBSE level:

The portion set will be of CBSE level so the students from any board can easily appear for the same.

Master Level & Grand Master Level

Master Level:

The 2 levels of exam are conducted to evaluate the student with utmost accuracy and the 2 separate reports can help understand the SWOT of the child. The added advantage is that a child can qualify in either any 1 or any 2 or all the 3 subjects of his/her interest depending on the marks scored in the Master Level.



Every student in the Merit list will be awarded with Scholarships and/or Amazing prizes.

Multiple choice questions

Multiple Choice Question

Students will get multiple choices in the question paper so that the students' ability of making the right choices can be understood.

Competitive exam preparation

Competitive exam preparation

Preparation for this exam can help the child prepare in school exams as well as other competitive exams.


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